Spring Break Packages For Students Wanting Good Destinations

Spring Break has become a national institution ever since Connie Francis sang the fateful song, "Where The Boys Are" in the movie with the same title. The movie popularized the spring break phenomenon in 1960 and the movement hasn't slowed down at all since.

The movie put Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on the map, as it had just been a little sleepy tourist town before. The promotion not only made it, and Daytona Beach to the north objects of destination by the students, but it launched a movement that has expanded and continued to this day.

Now, students have expanded their horizons with demands for travel plans to a much wider area. Popular destinations now include the Bahamas (Atlantis), Cancun Mexico spring break, Padre Island, Panama City Beach, Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Montego Bay, Las Vegas and other choice locations.

Most of the students come from the colder states, as they want warmer weather, and there are many choices from which to choose. Most college students get about 10 days, on the average, off for their spring break activities, so it is very important to hire a reliable travel agent to get all the details right the first time.

The choice many times falls to STS Travel who has had the distinction of sending over a half million students all over the world over the past 30 years. Formed by two graduates of Cornell University in 1984, STS has gained a reputation of reliability and good deals.

For example, they specialize in booking groups, and they have representation on over 1,000 college campuses all over the United States. They like to book the best all-around deals that include flights and accommodations together whenever possible. Many of their package deals include all-inclusive facilities with great party packages which is what the students want.

A good example is the Oasis Cancun, an all-inclusive facility with over 1,000 rooms. It is located right on the beach with its building stretching out for over 1/2 mile. The swimming pool, where there is a perpetual party goes is 1/4 mile in length. Everything is included in the rate including food from 10 restaurants on the property, and beverages from 10 bars also located in the hotel. Activities such as non-motorized water sports, golf on the 9-hole course and various excursions come with the package.

Students don't want to have to travel to and fro to pursue their pursuits, and a package such as this really works for them. There are also various party packages where students can get into the hottest clubs without waiting and at reduced prices.

It is important that students have a booking agency that can be depended upon and who has a sterling track record, as there are lots of moving parts in today's travel arrangements, and STS Travel takes care of every detail. All the student has to do is show up and leave to the destination. For a professionally designed spring break, STS certainly fills the bill, and then some.